Light in the Darkness

I stumbled upon this profound saying while reading one of the kids’ books about being afraid of the dark. It’s a cute book about how we can view darkness as either something scary and frightening or as an opportunity to see the brilliance of the stars that shine at night; it really just all comes down to our perspective.

Even as an adult, there are things that I am afraid of when I can’t see what’s in front of me and darkness completely surrounds me. I am paralyzed with fear at the unknown future that lies before me and the thick cloud of darkness that envelopes me. And yet, it is that very same darkness that is absolutely necessary for the stars to shine. 

How is it that something that can bring such fear and dread also bring such beauty and light?

When your current reality is met with darkness and uncertainty, that may be what is necessary for you to shine the most brightly. Sometimes you don’t know how brightly you can shine until you’ve been through some of the darkest days of your life.

You can either perceive your dark days with fear and trembling or you can view it as an opportunity to shine more brightly! Light always overcomes darkness. Be a light that will pierce through the darkness!

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