He Will Not Forget You

It’s so easy to think that God has abandoned you when things in life have been turned upside down. I have often wondered if perhaps we are being punished or reprimanded for bad behavior. That perhaps I am too detestable to look at and so God has turned His back on me.

And then I have gentle reminders that those thoughts are lies and that instead of believing them, I need to saturate my mind and heart with God’s truth. 

His truth declares that I am loved, chosen, set apart and redeemed. He promises never to leave nor forsake me. His word says that He is with me to the end of the age and like a mother nursing her child, He will not forget me.

One of the devotions I read this week said, 

Don’t let the difficult circumstances you are facing convince you that God has forgotten you.

Experiencing God Day by Day, Dr Henry Blackaby

And there is nothing quite like having tangible evidence to remind to you that God has not forgotten you.

Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail from one of the dear sweet ladies from my former home church back in Hawaii. Somehow she heard of everything that we have been going through and felt compelled to send us a note letting us know she was thinking of and praying for our family. Also, tucked in the note was a check for an amount that goes beyond being generous.

It brought me to tears.

And her letter has not been the only one. There have been others who have sent cards or messages letting us know they are praying for us and have supported us financially during this season.

Often times I forget. I forget God’s Word. I forget His acts of kindness. I forget the miraculous things He has done and will continue to do. And despite my constant amnesia, God doesn’t forget. He anticipates every cry and responds to my every need. He hears; He sees; He knows, and He does not forget.

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