Hatchimals Birthday Party

Last night we celebrated our youngest daughter’s 4th birthday! I just can’t believe that our baby is no longer a baby anymore. She decided that she wanted to have a Hatchimals birthday. In fact, all three kids want to have a Hatchimals party this year, so I’m definitely going to reuse as much as I can.

My fail proof birthday party plan that I’ve used the past couple of years wasn’t going to work this year. In the past, we’ve just gone to Chuck E Cheese’s. I don’t have to worry about decorations, food, clean up, entertainment. Nothing. It’s the perfect place to go and not have to worry about a single thing.

But…the morning of the party, my oldest woke up with pink eye. What?! Chuck E Cheese’s is like the absolute worst place to take a kid with pink eye, so I did the next best thing and decided to bring Chuck E Cheese’s to the birthday party. I planned some simple games (i.e. whatever games I already had on hand), created a prize wall (i.e. took out books from a bookshelf and stuffed prizes from Walmart in it) and heated up a couple of frozen pizza. The best part…the kids loved it, and dare I say possibly even better than Chuck E Cheese’s!!!

The night before, we had “the professionals” (what my daughter calls our friends who made the Jurassic World birthday cake) make a Hatchimals birthday cake. I can’t say enough about what a great job they always do. What I appreciate even more, is how they involve the kids and let them help. So grateful to have friends who invest in my kids!!!

Ellie with “the professionals”

I ended up going to Walmart to get the decorations and prizes. The thing I love about January birthdays is that they are right after Christmas, so I usually head over to the clearance section and find things that have been discounted from Christmas. I really lucked out because they had a whole bunch of Hatchimals that were on clearance. Then I headed to the seasonal section and found a bunch of the Valentine’s goodies to use as prizes.

When I got home, I set up the games and prize wall. I just picked games that would be easy for them to win tickets for. What I really would have loved to do is recreate Chuck E Cheese’s games, but considering my time constraints, I think that might have been overly ambitious. For the prize wall, I emptied out one of our bookshelves and organized it by the amount of tickets needed to win each prize. I also randomly already had raffle tickets and just gave them those each time they won at a game.

Chuck E Cheese’s “party games”
Chuck E Cheese’s “prize wall”

The decorations were mainly store bought, but I also had big sister, our budding artist, draw some Hatchimals on our dry erase board with a special birthday message for her sister. She was so proud of her work! I think it’s good to encourage the gifts and talents of your kids and also try to involve them in what you are doing.

Ellie the artist.
The food (minus the pizzas) and finished cake.

It was such a fun night! So much fun, that we’ll do it in another five months for Hatchimals party #2!

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