Clear Eyes, Pure Heart, Can’t Lose

As the new year approaches, I just can’t help but think of 20/20 vision. Maybe it’s because I’ve worn glasses for practically my whole life, but whenever I hear “2020”, I can’t help but think that next year will be the year where I want to see things clearly and have perfect vision for what lies ahead.

I want to have more clarity in life. Where decisions and choices that need to be made professionally, financially, spiritually, and relationally are not made carelessly or haphazardly, but have intention and precision. That my life is one that is lived with passion and purpose.

A while back there was a show called Friday Night Lights, and one of the things the football coach always told his players was “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” It was their rally cry before every game and what was said during halftime when they were behind. It inspired and encouraged them. When they felt defeated, it helped them to keep going and never give up.

This is going to be my motto for next year, but instead of “full hearts”, I want to have a “pure heart”:

“Clear eyes, pure heart, can’t lose.”

The only way to see things clearly is to remain in Christ. To abide in Him and have His words deeply rooted in you. God’s vision for your life will never let you down. He’ll never fail you…never.

Psalm 24:4-5 also talks about how the Lord will bless and reward the one who has a pure heart. I’d like some of that in my life next year, don’t you?!

So, I’m going in to 2020 asking the Lord to grant me clear eyes and a pure heart…because with Him by my side, I can’t lose!

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