Certainty in Uncertain Times

Even though we live in very uncertain times, we can always trust in a certain God.

Isn’t that so much easier said than done?!

Yet, when fear and anxiety begin to overwhelm me, I’m always reminded to find the truth of any situation I may face in God’s Word. Even though the Bible was written so many years ago, its words are timeless and can still bring me the peace and comfort I desperately need.

I’m currently doing Lysa TerKeurst’s Bible study, Trustworthy. Whether you struggle with trusting God through the personal trials you face or a worldwide pandemic, this book will help you see that God is and always has been completely trustworthy.

I’m currently reading about King Ahab and how instead of turning to the Lord during a devasting drought, the king and his people turned to the false god Baal. Baal was supposedly the Canaanite storm god and was believed to bring rain. However, for three years, there was no rain. Instead of taking the opportunity to turn back to God, they relied upon themselves.

During times of devastation or when things are outside of our control, we also have a choice to make. We can either live in despair or we can return to God. TerKeurst says,

The reality is most of us are walking through something hard that seems a bit too long. Or too unfair. Or too much for us to keep trusting God. I get it. I’ve been there. In those scenarios, I have to remind myself of previous experiences of God’s faithfulness. Then I can borrow from those times of certainty for today’s uncertainty.

The prophet Elijah also lived during this time and his response to the drought was the opposite of Ahab’s. Instead of turning away from God, Elijah continued to follow God and as a result of his obedience, the Lord provided for his needs.

Although we are living through a time of much uncertainty, we can make the choice to put our trust and hope in a certain God. We can look back and see God’s faithfulness in our lives and know that even now, He will provide.

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