Strawberry Picking at Storm Farms

At the end of last month, we went to Storm Farms to pick strawberries for the very first time. My parents are in town, and so we brought grandpa and grandma along for the ride. Growing up in Hawaii, we never had a chance to do something like this, and so my mom finally got to experience a moment straight out of a Hallmark movie (she really wanted to chop down her own Christmas tree when they were here last December, but that never happened, so this was the next best thing).

We almost passed the farm entirely. It’s on a busy street in Arlington surrounded by homes and buildings. When we got there, we went to the table and were given baskets and instructions on how to pick the right strawberries. We were told to pick the ones that were all red, since the ones with white would not ripen once they were picked.

We searched through rows and rows of strawberries and I’m glad we wore rain boots, since it had rained the day before and some spots were very muddy. Once we filled our baskets, they were weighed and then we only paid for what we picked ($8 per pound).

We were also told to only wash the strawberries we were going to eat because they wouldn’t last as long once washed. I asked if that was the same as store bought strawberries, and the lady said that store bought ones are covered in chemicals so when you wash them you are washing off the chemicals. There were no chemicals used on these strawberries, but they were natural.

When we got home, we only washed what we were going to eat, which ended up being all of them since they were so sweet and delicious. It was such a fun…and tasty experience!!!

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