Complete Forgiveness

I want to have love and forgiveness in my heart. If one day I encounter those from my past who have hurt me, I want to be able to completely and authentically say, “I forgive you with all of my heart.”

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Raising Children to Have Hinds' Feet on High Places

A letter to my children about having hinds' feet in high places.

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Light in the Darkness

Even as an adult, there are things that I am afraid of when I can’t see what’s in front of me and darkness completely surrounds me. I am paralyzed with fear at the unknown future that lies before me and the thick cloud of darkness that envelopes me. And yet, it is that very same darkness that is absolutely necessary for the stars to shine.

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Meet Marissa

Hi! I’m Marissa, wife, mother and Christ-follower. I always thought I’d start a blog when I had accomplished something great in life. When I had reached the top of the proverbial “ladder of success” or had finally made a name for myself. Instead, I am writing this from the deepest valley that I have ever found myself in in my entire life. I may be down, but I am continually looking up. Looking up to a Savior who saves, a Comforter who comforts, a Redeemer who redeems and a Creator who can make beauty from these ashes. Welcome to Beautifully Broken, a place where God transforms brokenness into beauty.