You Can’t Move Ahead While Looking Back

We keep on looking behind us while trying to move ahead. We look back at past hurts or a former way of life. Trying to either hold on or remember things, but if we keep looking back we cannot move ahead. If we try, we will get hurt. It’s not safe or wise to try to move ahead while looking back.

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I Promised Myself I Would Grieve Later

I think it’s perfectly fine to just sit here and cry. To let the tears fall. To let grief wash over me like a flood. I think the tears are a reminder of love. I wouldn’t trade a single tear for all the memories I had with her. I’ll cherish them forever, even through my tears.

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Lifesize Zoo

I love that reading doesn’t have to just take place in a quiet library or in your favorite cozy chair, although I love those places, too. You can take your books and read anywhere…even the zoo!

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Meet Marissa

Hi! I’m Marissa, wife, mother and Christ-follower. I always thought I’d start a blog when I had accomplished something great in life. When I had reached the top of the proverbial “ladder of success” or had finally made a name for myself. Instead, I am writing this from the deepest valley that I have ever found myself in in my entire life. I may be down, but I am continually looking up. Looking up to a Savior who saves, a Comforter who comforts, a Redeemer who redeems and a Creator who can make beauty from these ashes. Welcome to Beautifully Broken, a place where God transforms brokenness into beauty.