Certainty in Uncertain Times

Even though we live in very uncertain times, we can always trust in a certain God. During times of devastation or when things are outside of our control, we also have a choice to make. We can either live in despair or we can return to God.

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Our Top Pick for a Girls’ Bible Devotional: My Creative Bible for Girls

After searching through all sorts of devotionals, Bible studies and Bibles, I found one that seems to have hit the spot for my artistically inclined 9-year-old.

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Tips on Transitioning to a Virtual Conference

When the coronavirus hit, we were already well into planning our annual conference for this summer. Early on we made the decision to switch our in-person conference to a livestream virtual conference. Here are some tips that I learned about transitioning to a virtual conference.

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Meet Marissa

Hi! I’m Marissa, wife, mother and Christ-follower. I always thought I’d start a blog when I had accomplished something great in life. When I had reached the top of the proverbial “ladder of success” or had finally made a name for myself. Instead, I am writing this from the deepest valley that I have ever found myself in in my entire life. I may be down, but I am continually looking up. Looking up to a Savior who saves, a Comforter who comforts, a Redeemer who redeems and a Creator who can make beauty from these ashes. Welcome to Beautifully Broken, a place where God transforms brokenness into beauty.